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    Obtención del aceite de las semillas de luffa cylindrica y evaluación de su potencial uso en la industria cosmética.Luisa Amaya, Fabio Díaz, Martha Moncada, Natalia García & Gloria Edith Guerrero - forthcoming - Scientia.
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    Fear Generalisation in Individuals with High Neuroticism: Increasing Predictability is Not Necessarily Better.Natalia M. Garcia & Lori A. Zoellner - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 31 (8):1647-1662.
    Fear generalisation, a process by which conditioned fear spreads to similar but innocuous stimuli, is key in understanding why some individuals feel unsafe in objectively non-threatening situations. Both trait neuroticism and lack of predictability about the likelihood of feared consequences are associated with negative affect in the face of ambiguity and may increase the degree to which fear generalises. Undergraduates with varying degrees of neuroticism were randomised to either high- or low-instructional predictability conditions prior to fear acquisition. A fear generalisation (...)
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    Archivos y Memorias. El Caso “Vigil” y El Corpus aparecidoArchives and Memories. The Appeared Corpusand the“Vigil”Case.Natalia García - 2013 - Corpus 3 (1).
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