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  1. Visions of a New Land: Soviet Film From the Revolution to the Second World War.Natalia Skradol - 2005 - Utopian Studies 16 (2):287-290.
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    Adaptation , 'Adaptation', and Adaptation: Zizek and the Commonplace.Natalia Skradol - 2004 - Film-Philosophy 8 (2).
    _Adaptation_ is the film this article is about. The rules of electronic articles require that it be quoted with underscores. 'Adaptation' is the subject and title of this articleand so should be indicated with inverted commas. Adaptation, without underlining and without quotation marks, is just adaptation, the thing itself. And here comes the question: what is Real Thing Itself? _Adaptation_ addresses the question of what the real, the primary, is, and its relation with that which is secondary -- with the (...)
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    Figures et figures du discours dans Parle avec elle d'Almodovar.Natalia Skradol - 2003 - Multitudes 1 (1):169-177.
    This article explores the ethics of physical and verbal interpersonal relations which express themselves as displacements and intersections of genres in Pedro Almodovar’s film Speak to her . Ethics must be understood here in the strict sense of care for the self, which always presupposes care for the other. I will argue that the film suggests the demetaphorisation of corporeal experience as a path towards ethical relations between people. I argue too that the film proposes a feminisation of the masculine (...)
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    Peter Greenaway and Walter Benjamin: Visual Quoting, Hieroglyphic Montage and The Arcades Project.Natalia Skradol - 2005 - Film and Philosophy 9:94.
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