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    Nathalie Gontier (2006). Evolutionary Epistemology. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Mark Newman, Raffaella Campaner, Maria Carla Galavotti, Open Biomedical Ontologies, Sabina Leonelli, Nathalie Gontier, Natural Kind Thingamajigs, Paul Needham & Alexander Bird (2012). International Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Philosophy of Science 26 (1).
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    Nathalie Gontier (2012). Selectionist Approaches in Evolutionary Linguistics: An Epistemological Analysis. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 26 (1):67 - 95.
    Evolutionary linguistics is methodologically inspired by evolutionary psychology and the neo-Darwinian, selectionist approach. Language is claimed to have evolved by means of natural selection. The focus therefore lies not on how language evolved, but on finding out why language evolved. This latter question is answered by identifying the functional benefits and adaptive status that language provides, from which in turn selective pressures are deduced. This article analyses five of the most commonly given pressures or reasons why presumably language evolved. I (...)
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    Nathalie Gontier (2012). Introducing Universal Symbiogenesis. In Torres Juan, Pombo Olga, Symons John & Rahman Shahid (eds.), Special Sciences and the Unity of Science. Springer. pp. 89--111.
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