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    Revisiting Human Hemispheric Specialization with Neuroimaging.Pierre-Yves Hervé, Laure Zago, Laurent Petit, Bernard Mazoyer & Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (2):69-80.
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    Surface-Based Morphometry of Cortical Thickness and Surface Area Associated with Heschl's Gyri Duplications in 430 Healthy Volunteers.Damien Marie, Sophie Maingault, Fabrice Crivello, Bernard Mazoyer & Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
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    Is There Neural Dissociation Between Language and Reasoning?Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer & Laure Zago - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (10):494-495.
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    What Functional Imaging of the Human Brain Can Tell About Handedness and Language.Goulven Josse & Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (2):228-229.
    Anatomo-functional studies in humans point out that handedness and language-related functional laterality are not correlated – except during language production; and that the convergence of language and hand control is located in the precentral gyrus, whereas executive functions required by movement imitation and phonological and semantic processing converge onto Broca's area. Multiple domains are likely to be actors in language evolution. Footnotes1 Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer is the corresponding author for this commentary.
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