1.  50
    “It’s Intense, You Know.” Nurses’ Experiences in Caring for Patients Requesting Euthanasia.Yvonne Denier, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé, Nele De Bal & Chris Gastmans - 2010 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 13 (1):41-48.
    The Belgian Act on Euthanasia came into force on 23 September 2002, making Belgium the second country—after the Netherlands—to decriminalize euthanasia under certain due-care conditions. Since then, Belgian nurses have been increasingly involved in euthanasia care. In this paper, we report a qualitative study based on in-depth interviews with 18 nurses from Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) who have had experience in caring for patients requesting euthanasia since May 2002 (the approval of the Act). We found that the care (...)
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    Nurses' Attitudes to Euthanasia: A Review of the Literature. [REVIEW]Charlotte Verpoort, Chris Gastmans, Nele De Bal & Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé - 2004 - Nursing Ethics 11 (4):349-365.
    This article provides an overview of the scarce international literature concerning nurses’ attitudes to euthanasia. Studies show large differences with respect to the percentage of nurses who are (not) in favour of euthanasia. Characteristics such as age, religion and nursing specialty have a significant influence on a nurse’s opinion. The arguments for euthanasia have to do with quality of life, respect for autonomy and dissatisfaction with the current situation. Arguments against euthanasia are the right to a good death, belief in (...)
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    Nurses’ Views on Their Involvement in Euthanasia: A Qualitative Study in Flanders.B. Dierckx De Casterle, C. Verpoort, Nele De Bal & Chris Gastmans - 2006 - Journal of Medical Ethics 32 (4):187-192.
    Background: Although nurses worldwide are confronted with euthanasia requests from patients, the views of palliative care nurses on their involvement in euthanasia remain unclear.Objectives: In depth exploration of the views of palliative care nurses on their involvement in the entire care process surrounding euthanasia.Design: A qualitative Grounded Theory strategy was used.Setting and participants: In anticipation of new Belgian legislation on euthanasia, we conducted semistructured interviews with 12 nurses working in a palliative care setting in the province of Vlaams-Brabant.Results: Palliative care (...)
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    Research Abstract.Nele De Bal, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé, Maria Berghs & Chris Gastmans - 2005 - Nursing Ethics 12 (1):110-111.
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    Nurses' Involvement in the Care Process for Patients Requesting Euthanasia.Nele De Bal - 2005 - Nursing Ethics 12 (1):110-111.