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    Urbewußtsein Und Reflexion Bei Husserl.Ni Liangkang - 1998 - Husserl Studies 15 (2):77-99.
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    Moral Instinct and Moral Judgment.Ni Liangkang & Yu Xin - 2009 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 4 (2):238 - 250.
    Human beings' moral life can be divided into two forms, one based on moral instincts and the other on moral judgments. The former is carried on without deliberation, while the latter relies upon valuations and judgments. The two can ultimately be viewed as man's innate moral nature and acquired moral conventions. Theoretically, preference for the former will lead to naturalism and for the latter to culturalism, but this is the reality of man's moral life. Moreover, there may be a parallel (...)
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    28 On “Intentionality” and “Meta- Intentionality” in Eastern and Western Philosophies of Consciousness.Ni Liangkang - 2016 - Yearbook for Eastern and Western Philosophy 2016 (1):364-385.
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