1. Stable Generic Structures.John T. Baldwin & Niandong Shi - 1996 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 79 (1):1-35.
    Hrushovski originated the study of “flat” stable structures in constructing a new strongly minimal set and a stable 0-categorical pseudoplane. We exhibit a set of axioms which for collections of finite structure with dimension function δ give rise to stable generic models. In addition to the Hrushovski examples, this formalization includes Baldwin's almost strongly minimal non-Desarguesian projective plane and several others. We develop the new case where finite sets may have infinite closures with respect to the dimension function δ. In (...)
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  2. Forbidden Subgraphs and Forbidden Substructures.Gregory Cherlin & Niandong Shi - 2001 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 66 (3):1342-1352.
    The problem of the existence of a universal structure omitting a finite set of forbidden substructures is reducible to the corresponding problem in the category of graphs with a vertex coloring by two colors. It is not known whether this problem reduces further to the category of ordinary graphs. It is also not known whether these problems are decidable.
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    A Note on Weak Dividing.Byunghan Kim & Niandong Shi - 2007 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 46 (2):51-60.
    We study the notion of weak dividing introduced by S. Shelah. In particular we prove that T is stable iff weak dividing is symmetric.
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