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    Big Data From the Bottom Up.Alison Powell & Nick Couldry - 2014 - Big Data and Society 1 (2).
    This short article argues that an adequate response to the implications for governance raised by ‘Big Data’ requires much more attention to agency and reflexivity than theories of ‘algorithmic power’ have so far allowed. It develops this through two contrasting examples: the sociological study of social actors used of analytics to meet their own social ends and the study of actors’ attempts to build an economy of information more open to civic intervention than the existing one. The article concludes with (...)
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    Media Meta-Capital: Extending the Range of Bourdieu's Field Theory. [REVIEW]Nick Couldry - 2003 - Theory and Society 32 (5-6):653-677.
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    Digital Divide or Discursive Design? On the Emerging Ethics of Information Space.Nick Couldry - 2003 - Ethics and Information Technology 5 (2):89-97.
    This article seeks to identify, theoretically,some broad ethical issues about the type ofspace which the Internet is becoming, issueswhich are closely linked to developing newagendas for empirical research into Internetuse. It seeks to move away from the concept of''digital divide'' which has dominated debate inthis area while presuming a rather staticnotion of the space which the Internet is, orcould become. Instead, it draws on deliberativedemocracy theory in general and John Dryzek''sconcept of ''discursive design'' in particular toformulate six types of issue (...)
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    Bourdieu and the Media: The Promise and Limits of Field Theory. [REVIEW]Nick Couldry - 2007 - Theory and Society 36 (2):209-213.
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    Acknowledgment of External Reviewers for 2004.Elizabeth Armstrong, Ron Aminzade, Kenneth Baynes, Jerome P. Baggett, Fred Block, Christine Boyer, Gene Burns, Nick Couldry, Nick Crossley & Harry F. Dahms - 2005 - Theory and Society 34 (1):109-110.
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    La téléréalité ou le thé'tre secret du néolibéralisme.Nick Couldry - 2006 - Hermes 44:121.
    La dimension mythique ou simplement rituelle est présente dans le système économique, et ne peut être occultée puisqu'elle fonde sa plausibilité et sa légitimité. Ce court article cherche à expliciter la relation entre deux facteurs : d'une part, un mouvement pressant vers une économie de plus en plus appuyée sur le «travail émotionnel » des salariés, qui, de plus, méprise le statut du travail d'autre part, les performances émotionnelles et les mises en scène rituelles des programmes de téléréalité. Je suggère (...)
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  7. Media Ethics : Towards a Framework for Media Producers and Media Consumers.Nick Couldry - 2008 - In Stephen J. A. Ward & Herman Wasserman (eds.), Media Ethics Beyond Borders: A Global Perspective. Heinemann.
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