1. Anomalous self-experience in depersonalization and schizophrenia: A comparative investigation.Louis Sass, Elizabeth Pienkos, Barnaby Nelson & Nick Medford - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (2):430-441.
    Various forms of anomalous self-experience can be seen as central to schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. We examined similarities and differences between anomalous self-experiences common in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, as listed in the EASE , and those described in published accounts of severe depersonalization. Our aims were to consider anomalous self-experience in schizophrenia in a comparative context, to refine and enlarge upon existing descriptions of experiential disturbances in depersonalization, and to explore hypotheses concerning a possible core process in schizophrenia . Numerous (...)
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    Emotion and the Unreal Self: Depersonalization Disorder and De-Affectualization.Nick Medford - 2012 - Emotion Review 4 (2):139-144.
    Depersonalization disorder (DPD) is a psychiatric condition in which there is a pervasive change in the quality of subjective experience, in the absence of psychosis. The core complaint is a persistent and disturbing feeling that experience of oneself and the world has become empty, lifeless, and not fully real. A greatly reduced emotional responsivity, or “de-affectualization,” is frequently described. This article examines the phenomenology and neurobiology of DPD with a particular emphasis on the emotional aspects. It is argued that the (...)
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    Emotional Experience and Awareness of Self: Functional MRI Studies of Depersonalization Disorder.Nick Medford, Mauricio Sierra, Argyris Stringaris, Vincent Giampietro, Michael J. Brammer & Anthony S. David - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Neuroanatomical substrates for the volitional regulation of heart rate.Catherine L. Jones, Ludovico Minati, Yoko Nagai, Nick Medford, Neil A. Harrison, Marcus Gray, Jamie Ward & Hugo D. Critchley - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Fractionating the unitary notion of dissociation: disembodied but not embodied dissociative experiences are associated with exocentric perspective-taking.Jason J. Braithwaite, Kelly James, Hayley Dewe, Nick Medford, Chie Takahashi & Klaus Kessler - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.