1.  6
    The Meaning of Life: The Ontological Question Concerning Education Through the Lens of Catherine Malabou’s Contribution to Thinking.Nick Peim - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-13.
    This paper revisits the scope of Catherine Malabou’s thinking as a development of the ontological turn in continental philosophy. It puts this excursion of thinking alongside an account of educatio...
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    Education After the End of the World. How Can Education Be Viewed as a Hyperobject?Nick Peim & Nicholas Stock - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-14.
  3.  33
    Testing Times: Questions Concerning Assessment for School Improvement.Nick Peim & Kevin J. Flint - 2009 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (3):342-361.
    Contemporary education now appears to be dominated by the continual drive for improvement measured against the assessment of what students have learned. It is our contention that a foundational relation with assessment organises contemporary education. Here we draw on a 'way of thinking' that is deconstructive in its intent. Such thinking makes clear the vicious circularity of the argument for improvement, wherein assessment valorised in discourses of improvement provides not only a rationalisation for improvement via assessment, but also the very (...)
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    Education, Schooling, Derrida’s Marx and Democracy: Some Fundamental Questions.Nick Peim - 2013 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 32 (2):171-187.
    Beginning with a reconsideration of what the school is and has been, this paper explores the idea of the school to come. Emphasizing the governmental role of education in modernity, I offer a line of thinking that calls into question the assumption of both the school and education as possible conduits for either democracy or social justice. Drawing on Derrida’s spectral ontology I argue that any automatic correlation of education with democracy is misguided: especially within redemptive discourses that seek to (...)
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  5.  40
    Spectral Bodies: Derrida and the Philosophy of the Photograph as Historical Document.Nick Peim - 2005 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 39 (1):67–84.
  6. Walter Benjamin in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Aura in Education: A Rereading of 'the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction'.Nick Peim - 2007 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 41 (3):363–380.
  7.  69
    “Prelude to the School to Come…” Introduction to the Special Issue.Helen E. Lees & Nick Peim - 2013 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 32 (2):113-122.
  8.  4
    Poststructuralism, Postmodernism or Deconstruction? The Future of Metaphysics, Philosophy and Thinking in the Field of Education.Nick Peim - 2018 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 50 (14):1336-1337.