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    Academic Friendship in Dark Times.Penny Enslin & Nicki Hedge - 2019 - Ethics and Education 14 (4):383-398.
    ABSTRACTBringing philosophical work on friendship to bear on the growing body of critique about the state of the neoliberal academy, this paper defends academic friendship. Initially a vignette illustrates the key features of academic friendship and the multiple demands on academics to account for themselves in the neoliberal university. We locate academic friendship in the context of that neoliberal university before discussing managerialist threats to this relationship. We indicate how the performativity-driven working environment contrasts radically and unfavourably with some defining (...)
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  2. Beyond Care?Nicki Hedge & Alison Mackenzie - 2012 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 46 (2):192-206.
    Care is a feature of all of our lives, all of the time. An analysis of Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence reveals that care and caring permeate complex dimensions of life in and after school and we ask here, if, on some accounts, care can do the work required of it. Acknowledging the significance of her contribution to care, we focus on the work of Nel Noddings suggesting that she pays insufficient attention to other emotions implicated in the work of morally (...)
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    Sex Education: Challenges and Choices.Alison MacKenzie, Nicki Hedge & Penny Enslin - 2017 - British Journal of Educational Studies 65 (1):27-44.
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    International Students, Export Earnings and the Demands of Global Justice.Penny Enslin & Nicki Hedge - 2008 - Ethics and Education 3 (2):107-119.
    Is it just to charge international students fees that are generally much higher than those paid by home and European Union students at UK universities? Exploring the ethical tension between universities? avowed commitment to social justice on the one hand and selling education to foreign students at a premium on the other, we argue that increased global association and the reduced salience of the sovereign state make the education of international students an issue of global justice. If we view education (...)
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  5. Inclusion and Diversity.Penny Enslin & Nicki Hedge - 2010 - In Richard Bailey (ed.), The Sage Handbook of Philosophy of Education. Sage Publication. pp. 385.
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    Riots and Reactions: Hypocrisy and Disaffiliation?Nicki Hedge & Alison Mackenzie - 2015 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 49 (3):329-346.
    The August 2011 riots in England occasioned widespread condemnation from government and the media. Here, we apply the concepts of hypocrisy and affiliation to explore reactions to these riots. Initially acknowledging that politics necessitates a degree of hypocrisy, we note that some forms of hypocrisy are indefensible: they compromise integrity. With rioters condemned as thugs and members of a feral underclass, some reactions exemplified forms of corrosive hypocrisy that deflected attention away from economic, social and cultural problems. Moreover, such reactions (...)
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    On Peer Review as the ‘Gold Standard’ in Measuring Research Excellence: From Secrecy to Openness?Penny Enslin & Nicki Hedge - forthcoming - Journal of Philosophy of Education.