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    Progressive Teleology.Nicky Kroll - 2015 - Philosophical Studies 172 (11):2931-2954.
    I argue for a teleological account of events in progress. Details aside, the proposal is that events in progress are teleological processes. It follows from this proposal that final causes are ubiquitous: anything happening at any time is an event with a telos.
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    On Bishops and Donkeys.Nicky Kroll - 2008 - Natural Language Semantics 16 (4):359-372.
    The problem of indistinguishable participants is a well-known problem for D-type theories of donkey pronouns. Recently, Paul Elbourne has offered a D-type theory that purports to dissolve the problem of indistinguishable participants. I argue against Elboune’s solution.
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  3. Events in Progress, Dispositions, and Teleology.Nicky Kroll - 2012 - Dissertation, Yale University