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    Mental Files and Metafictive Utterances.Nicolás Lo Guercio - 2015 - Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 56 (132):541-555.
    ABSTRACT Metafictive utterances raise a kind of intuitions that pose a problem for a view that combines a referentialist approach to proper names with an antirealist stance on fictional characters. In this article I attempt to provide a solution to this problem within the framework of mental files. According to my position, metafictive utterances literally express an incomplete proposition while pragmatically conveying a complete one, which accounts for the intuitions of truthfulness. The proposition pragmatically conveyed is ‘metarepresentational', I'll argue, in (...)
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    Book Review: Predelli, S. Proper Names: A Millian Account. [REVIEW]Nicolás Lo Guercio - 2018 - Manuscrito 41 (2):137-147.
    ABSTRACT In this review I discuss Stefano Predelli’s book Proper Names: A Millian Account. The book provides a defense of the traditional Millian view according to which proper names are non-indexical, rigid devices of direct reference. In addition, Predelli discusses some usual interpretations as misconceptions and it contests many common objections. I provide an overview of its chapters and consider some of its strengths and weaknesses.
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