Nicola Gavey [8]Nicola J. Gavey [1]
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    Women's Bodybuilding: Feminist Resistance and/or Femininity's Recuperation?Leena St Martin & Nicola Gavey - 1996 - Body and Society 2 (4):45-57.
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    Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Resident Mothers and the Moral Dilemmas They Face During Custody Disputes. [REVIEW]Vivienne Elizabeth, Nicola Gavey & Julia Tolmie - 2010 - Feminist Legal Studies 18 (3):253-274.
    Recent scholarship has critiqued the tendency for separated mothers in custody disputes to be defined as hostile and alienating. Through the presentation of three case studies, drawn from an interview-based study with 21 women, we show how such pejorative constructions only arise when the conflicting gendered moral accountabilities of contemporary motherhood are overlooked. We found that mothers tend to believe that contact with non-resident fathers is generally in a child’s best interests. However, as a result of balancing complex moral obligations (...)
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    “... He’s Just Swapped His Fists for the System” The Governance of Gender Through Custody Law.Julia Tolmie, Nicola Gavey & Vivienne Elizabeth - 2012 - Gender and Society 26 (2):239-260.
    In this article, we investigate the state’s role in the reproduction of relations of male dominance between separated parents through custody law. We argue that three “logics” shape the current operation of family law—durability, gender neutrality and present/future temporality—such that custody law is not simply a mechanism of dispute resolution between parents; it is also a vehicle for the differential production, positioning, and regulation of mothers and fathers as postseparation parents. Drawing on interviews with 21 mothers, we show that the (...)
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    In the Name of Science—Commentary on 'Memory Repression and Recovery: What is the Evidence?'.Nicola Gavey - 1997 - Health Care Analysis 5 (2):120-125.
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    “IF IT'S NOT ON, IT'S NOT ON”—OR IS IT?: Discursive Constraints on Women's Condom Use.Marion Doherty, Kathryn Mcphillips & Nicola Gavey - 2001 - Gender and Society 15 (6):917-934.
    Safer sex campaigns for heterosexuals have sometimes targeted women in particular to take responsibility for condom use. In this article, the authors question some of the assumptions underlying this strategy, for instance, the assumptions of women's relatively unproblematic relationship with condoms and women's control over condom use. The authors interviewed 14 women about their experiences and views of condoms and of heterosexual relationships more broadly. Using a feminist poststructuralist form of discourse analysis, they examine their accounts in relation to gendered (...)
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    In The Name of Science—Commentary on ‘Memory Repression and Recovery: What Is The Evidence?Nicola Gavey - 1997 - Health Care Analysis 5 (2):120-125.
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    Rape: The Perfect Adaptationist Story.Nicola J. Gavey & Russell D. Gray - 1992 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (2):386-388.
  8. Seeking Justice and Redress for Victim-Survivors of Image-Based Sexual Abuse.Erika Rackley, Clare McGlynn, Kelly Johnson, Nicola Henry, Nicola Gavey, Asher Flynn & Anastasia Powell - 2021 - Feminist Legal Studies 29 (3):293-322.
    Despite apparent political concern and action—often fuelled by high-profile cases and campaigns—legislative and institutional responses to image-based sexual abuse in the UK have been ad hoc, piecemeal and inconsistent. In practice, victim-survivors are being consistently failed: by the law, by the police and criminal justice system, by traditional and social media, website operators, and by their employers, universities and schools. Drawing on data from the first multi-jurisdictional study of the nature and harms of, and legal/policy responses to, image-based sexual abuse, (...)
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