1. Generalised Quantum Theory—Basic Idea and General Intuition: A Background Story and Overview. [REVIEW]Harald Walach & Nikolaus von Stillfried - 2011 - Axiomathes 21 (2):185-209.
    Science is always presupposing some basic concepts that are held to be useful. These absolute presuppositions (Collingwood) are rarely debated and form the framework for what has been termed paradigm by Kuhn. Our currently accepted scientific model is predicated on a set of presuppositions that have difficulty accommodating holistic structures and relationships and are not geared towards incorporating non-local correlations. Since the theoretical models we hold also determine what we perceive and take as scientifically viable, it is important to look (...)
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    Spirituality: The Legacy of Parapsychology.Stefan Schmidt, Harald Walach, Ilo Hinterberger, Nikolaus von Stillfried & Niko Kohls - 2009 - Archive for the Psychology of Religion 31 (3):277-308.
    Spirituality is a topic of recent interest. Mindfulness, for example, a concept derived from the Buddhist tradition, has captivated the imagination of clinicians who package it in convenient intervention programs for patients. Spirituality and religion have been researched with reference to potential health benefits. Spirituality can be conceptualised as the alignment of the individual with the whole, experientially, motivationally and in action. For spirituality to unfold its true potential it is necessary to align this new movement with the mainstream of (...)
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    The Concept of Complementarity and its Role in Quantum Entanglement and Generalized Entanglement.Thilo Hinterberger & Nikolaus von Stillfried - 2013 - Axiomathes 23 (3):443-459.
    The term complementarity plays a central role in quantum physics, not least in various approaches to defining entanglement and the conditions for its occurrence. It has, however, been used in a variety of ways by different authors, denoting different concepts and relationships. Here we describe and clarify some of them and analyze the role they play with respect to the phenomenon of entanglement. Based on these considerations we discuss the recently proposed system-theoretical generalization of the concepts entanglement and complementarity (Atmanspacher (...)
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