1. Hyperstructures, Topology and Datasets.Nils A. Baas - 2009 - Axiomathes 19 (3):281-295.
    In the natural sciences higher order structures often occur. There seems to be a need for good methods of describing what we mean by higher order structures in various contexts. This is what hyperstructures are intended to do. We motivate and introduce this new concept. Next we illustrate how it can be applied in various types of genomic analysis—particular the correlations between single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases. The suggested structure is quite general and may be applied to a variety of (...)
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  2. Extended Memory Evolutive Systems in a Hyperstructure Context.Nils A. Baas - 2009 - Axiomathes 19 (2):215-221.
    This paper is just a comment to the impressive work by A. C. Ehresmann and J.-P. Vanbremeersch on the theory of Memory Evolutive Systems (MES). MES are truly higher order systems. Hyperstructures represent a new concept which I introduced in order to capture the essence of what a higher order structure is—encompassing hierarchies and emergence. Hyperstructures are motivated by cobordism theory in topology and higher category theory. The morphism concept is replaced by the concept of a bond. In the paper (...)
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    A Scheme for Synthesizing Complexity.Nils A. Baas - 1995 - In R. J. Russell, N. Murphy & A. R. Peacocke (eds.), Chaos and Complexity. Vatican Observatory Publications. pp. 311--316.
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  4. A Framework for Higher Order Cognition and Consciousness.Nils A. Baas - 1996 - In S. R. Hameroff, A. W. Kaszniak & A. C. Scott (eds.), Towards a Science of Consciousness. MIT Press. pp. 633--648.