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    Arrival of Courtly Love: Moving in the Emotional Space.Noël Bonneuil - 2016 - History and Theory 55 (2):253-269.
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    Do Historians Make the Best Futurists?Noël Bonneuil - 2009 - History and Theory 48 (1):98-104.
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    History, Differential Inclusions, and Narrative.Noel Bonneuil - 2001 - History and Theory 40 (4):101–115.
    Recent advances in the theory of dynamical systems, set-valued analysis, and viability theory offer new and interesting perspectives on the shaping of social and historical time. Specific aspects of these theories are presented in several different areas to show their concrete applications in history and historical demo-economy, and a parallel is established with novelist Tanizaki's fictional technique. In connection with this, McCloskey's 1991 comparison of storytelling with deterministic chaos is discussed and a critique of other models concerned with unpredictability in (...)
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    The Mathematics of Time in History1.Noël Bonneuil - 2010 - History and Theory 49 (4):28-46.
    The themes of connectedness and continuity, which are also mathematical properties, have run like a red thread through the last fifty years of History and Theory, notably in the theory of the narration of action in history. In this essay I review various answers to the question of the driving force that motivates action and that propels a sequence, continuous or discontinuous. These answers underpin narrative strategies intended to solve the problem of human agency and thereby to provide the basis (...)
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    The Viability of Demo-Economic Behavior.Noel Bonneuil - 1995 - In R. J. Russell, N. Murphy & A. R. Peacocke (eds.), Chaos and Complexity. Vatican Observatory Publications. pp. 147.
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    Comptes rendus.Jean-Marc Drouin, Patrick Gautier Dalché, Fabien Chareix, Charles Lenay, Monique Cottret, Bernard Vandewalle, François Laplanche, Françoise Waquet, Agnès Spiquel, Ariane Poulantzas, Olivier Martin, Sophie Roux, Ilana Löwy, Isabelle Brian, Michel Cassan, Jean-Marc Rohrbasser, Jean-Michel Vienne, Marc Renneville, Bernard Lahire, Mikhaäl Xifaras, Bertrand Binoche, Stéphane Haber, Jean-François Pradeau, Noël Bonneuil & Marie Jaisson - 1997 - Revue de Synthèse 118 (4):551-613.
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