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  1. Aspects of the Theory of Syntax.Noam Chomsky - 1965 - MIT Press.
    Chomsky proposes a reformulation of the theory of transformational generative grammar that takes recent developments in the descriptive analysis of particular ...
  2. Knowledge of Language.Noam Chomsky - 1986 - Prager.
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    Lectures on Government and Binding.Noam Chomsky - 1981 - Foris.
    A more extensive discussion of certain of the more technical notions appears in my paper "On Binding" (Chomsky,; henceforth, OB). ...
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  4. The Minimalist Program.Noam Chomsky - 1995 - MIT Press.
    In these essays the minimalist approach to linguistic theory is formulated and progressively developed.
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  5. Rules and Representations.Noam A. Chomsky - 1980 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 3 (127):1-61.
    The book from which these sections are excerpted is concerned with the prospects for assimilating the study of human intelligence and its products to the natural sciences through the investigation of cognitive structures, understood as systems of rules and representations that can be regarded as These mental structui′es serve as the vehicles for the exercise of various capacities. They develop in the mind on the basis of an innate endowment that permits the growth of rich and highly articulated structures along (...)
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    Syntactic Structures.Noam Chomsky - 1957 - Mouton.
    Noam Chomsky's book on syntactic structures is a serious attempts on the part of a linguist to construct within the tradition of scientific theory-construction ...
  7. Language and Problems of Knowledge.Noam Chomsky - 1988 - MIT Press.
    Language and Problems of Knowledge is sixteenth in the series Current Studies in Linguistics, edited by Jay Keyser.
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  8. Reflections On Language.Noam A. Chomsky - 1976 - Temple Smith.
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    Barriers.Noam Chomsky - 1986 - MIT Press.
    Barriers is Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 13.
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  10. New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind.Noam Chomsky - 2000 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book is an outstanding contribution to the philosophical study of language and mind, by one of the most influential thinkers of our time. In a series of penetrating essays, Chomsky cuts through the confusion and prejudice which has infected the study of language and mind, bringing new solutions to traditional philosophical puzzles and fresh perspectives on issues of general interest, ranging from the mind-body problem to the unification of science. Using a range of imaginative and deceptively simple linguistic analyses, (...)
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    Rules and Representations.Noam Chomsky - 1980 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 3 (1):1.
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  12. Language and Problems of Knowledge the Managua Lectures.Noam Chomsky - 1988
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    Cartesian Linguistics: A Chapter in the History of Rationalist Thought.Noam Chomsky - 1966 - Philosophical Review 77 (2):229-235.
  14. Evolution, Brain, and the Nature of Language.Robert C. Berwick, Angela D. Friederici, Noam Chomsky & Johan J. Bolhuis - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (2):89-98.
  15. The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory.Noam Chomsky - 1975
  16. Language as a Natural Object.Noam Chomsky - 2000 - In New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 106--133.
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  17. Language and Thought.Noam Chomsky - 1993 - Moyer Bell.
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  18. Language and Nature.Noam Chomsky - 1995 - Mind 104 (413):1-61.
  19. A Review of B. F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior. [REVIEW]Noam Chomsky - 1959 - Language 35 (1):26--58.
    I had intended this review not specifically as a criticism of Skinner's speculations regarding language, but rather as a more general critique of behaviorist (I would now prefer to say "empiricist") speculation as to the nature of higher mental processes. My reason for discussing Skinner's book in such detail was that it was the most careful and thoroughgoing presentation of such speculations, an evaluation that I feel is still accurate. Therefore, if the conclusions I attempted to substantiate in the review (...)
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  20. Discussion of Putnam's Comments.Noam A. Chomsky - 1980 - In Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (ed.), Language and Learning: The Debate Between Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky. Harvard University Press.
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    The Evolution of the Language Faculty: Clarifications and Implications.W. T. Fitch, Marc D. Hauser & Noam Chomsky - 2005 - Cognition 97 (2):179-210.
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    Structures, Not Strings: Linguistics as Part of the Cognitive Sciences.Martin B. H. Everaert, Marinus A. C. Huybregts, Noam Chomsky, Robert C. Berwick & Johan J. Bolhuis - 2015 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19 (12):729-743.
  23. Poverty of the Stimulus Revisited.Robert C. Berwick, Paul Pietroski, Beracah Yankama & Noam Chomsky - 2011 - Cognitive Science 35 (7):1207-1242.
    A central goal of modern generative grammar has been to discover invariant properties of human languages that reflect “the innate schematism of mind that is applied to the data of experience” and that “might reasonably be attributed to the organism itself as its contribution to the task of the acquisition of knowledge” (Chomsky, 1971). Candidates for such invariances include the structure dependence of grammatical rules, and in particular, certain constraints on question formation. Various “poverty of stimulus” (POS) arguments suggest that (...)
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    Essays on Form and Interpretation.Noam Chomsky - 1977 - Philosophical Review 88 (3):457-460.
  25. Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar.Noam Chomsky - 1972 - Foundations of Language 12 (3):367-382.
  26. The Mysteries of Nature: How Deeply Hidden?Noam Chomsky - 2009 - Journal of Philosophy 106 (4):167-200.
  27. Problems of Knowledge and Freedom.Noam Chomsky - 1971 - New York: W.W. Norton.
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    Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origin, and Use.Noam Chomsky - 1988 - Philosophical Review 97 (4):567-573.
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    On Nature and Language.Noam Chomsky - 2002 - Cambridge University Press.
    Featuring an essay by the author on the role of intellectuals in society and government, a fascinating volume sheds light on the relation between language, mind ...
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  30. Linguistics and Cognitive Science: Problems and Mysteries.Noam Chomsky - 1991 - In Aka Kasher (ed.), The Chomskyan Turn. Blackwell. pp. 26--53.
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    Aspects of the Theory of Syntax.Ann S. Ferebee & Noam Chomsky - 1965 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 35 (1):167.
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  32. Questions of Form and Interpretation.Noam Chomsky - 1975 - Peter de Ridder Press.
  33. Finitary Models of Language Users.George A. Miller & Noam Chomsky - 1963 - In D. Luce (ed.), Handbook of Mathematical Psychology. John Wiley & Sons.. pp. 2--419.
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    Syntactic Structures.Noam Chomsky, R. Duncan Luce, Robert R. Bush & Eugene Galanter - 1966 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 31 (2):245-251.
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    Problems of Knowledge and Freedom: The Russell Lectures.Noam Chomsky - 1971 - Vintage Books.
  36. Linguistics and Philosophy.Noam A. Chomsky - 1969 - In Sidney Hook (ed.), Language and Philosophy. New York University Press.
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    Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origin, and Use.Noam Chomsky - 1989 - Philosophy of Science 56 (3):533-536.
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  38. Recent Contributions to the Theory of Innate Ideas.Noam Chomsky - 1967 - Synthese 17 (March):2-11.
  39. Biolinguistic Explorations: Design, Development, Evolution.Noam Chomsky - 2007 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 15 (1):1 – 21.
    Biolinguistic inquiry investigates the human language faculty as an internal biological property. This article traces the development of biolinguistics from its early philosophical origins through its reformulation during the cognitive revolution of the 1950s and outlines my views on where the biolinguistic enterprise stands today. The growth of language in the individual, it is suggested, depends on (i) genetic factors, (ii) experience, and (iii) principles that are not specific to the faculty of language. The best current explanation of how language (...)
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  40. The Architecture of Language.Noam Chomsky - 2000 - Oxford University Press.
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  41. On Cognitive Capacity.Noam A. Chomsky - 1975 - In Reflections on Language. Pantheon Books.
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  42. Some Empirical Assumptions in Modern Philosophy of Language.Noam Chomsky - 1969 - In Ernest Nagel, Sidney Morgenbesser, Patrick Suppes & Morton Gabriel White (eds.), Philosophy, Science, and Method. New York: St. Martin's Press.
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  43. A Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory.Noam Chomsky - 1993 - In Kenneth Hale & Samuel Jay Keyser (eds.), The View From Building 20: Essays in Linguistics in Honor of Sylvain Bromberger. MIT Press.
  44. American Power and the New Mandarins.Noam Chomsky - 1970 - Science and Society 34 (1):111-117.
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  45. The Dewey Lectures 2013: What Kind of Creatures Are We? Lecture I: What Is Language?Noam Chomsky - 2013 - Journal of Philosophy 110 (12):645-662.
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    Three Models for the Description of Language.Noam Chomsky - 1958 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 23 (1):71-72.
  47. Reply to Horwich.Noam Chomsky - 2003 - In Louise M. Antony (ed.), Chomsky and His Critics. Malden Ma: Blackwell.
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    The Mysteries of Nature.Noam Chomsky - 2009 - Journal of Philosophy 106 (4):167-200.
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  49. Rogue States.Noam Chomsky - unknown
    The most interesting feature of the debate over the Iraq crisis is that it never took place. True, many words flowed, and there was dispute about how to proceed. But discussion kept within rigid bounds that excluded the obvious answer: the U.S. and UK should act in accord with their laws and treaty obligations.
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    [Book Review] Necessary Illusions, Thought Control in Democratic Societies. [REVIEW]Noam Chomsky - 1991 - Science and Society 55 (3):371-373.
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