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    Radiation From an Electric Charge.Amos Harpaz & Noam Soker - 2001 - Foundations of Physics 31 (6):935-949.
    The conditions in which electromagnetic radiation is formed are discussed. It is found that the main condition for the emission of radiation by an electric charge is the existence of a relative acceleration between the charge and its electric field. Such a situation exists both for a charge accelerated in a free space, and for a charge supported at rest in a gravitational field. Hence, in such situations, the charges radiate. It is also shown that relating radiation to the relative (...)
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    Equation of Motion of an Electric Charge.Amos Harpaz & Noam Soker - 2003 - Foundations of Physics 33 (8):1207-1221.
    The appearance of the time derivative of the acceleration in the equation of motion (EOM) of an electric charge is studied. It is shown that when an electric charge is accelerated, a stress force exists in the curved electric field of the accelerated charge, and in the case of a constant linear acceleration, this force is proportional to the acceleration. This stress force acts as a reaction force which is responsible for the creation of the radiation (instead of the “radiation (...)
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    A Coaccelerated Observer.Amos Harpaz & Noam Soker - 2005 - Foundations of Physics 35 (9):1521-1531.
    We analyze the situation of an observer coaccelerated relative to a linearly accelerated charge, in order to find whether he can observe the radiation emitted from the accelerated charge. It is found that the seemingly special situation of the coaccelerated observer relative to any other observer, is deduced from a wrong use of the retarded coordinate system, when such a system is inadmissible. It is also found that the coaccelerated observer has no special position other than any other observer, and (...)
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