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    Monothematic Delusions: Towards a Two-Factor Account.Martin Davies, Max Coltheart, Robyn Langdon & Nora Breen - 2001 - Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 8 (2):133-158.
    Article copyright 2002. We provide a battery of examples of delusions against which theoretical accounts can be tested. Then we identify neuropsychological anomalies that could produce the unusual experiences that may lead, in turn, to the delusions in our battery. However, we argue against Maher's view that delusions are false beliefs that arise as normal responses to anomalous experiences. We propose, instead, that a second factor is required to account for the transition from unusual experience to delusional belief. The second (...)
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    Towards an Understanding of Delusions of Misidentification: Four Case Studies.Nora Breen, Diana Caine, Max Coltheart, Julie Hendy & Corrine Roberts - 2000 - Mind and Language 15 (1):74–110.
  3.  29
    Misidentification Syndromes and Cognitive Neuropsychiatry.Max Coltheart, Robyn Langdon & Nora Breen - 1997 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 1 (5):157-158.
  4.  44
    A Two-Way Window on Face Recognition.Nora Breen, Max Coltheart & Diana Caine - 2001 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (6):234-235.