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    Engaging Diverse Social and Cultural Worlds: Perspectives on Benefits in International Clinical Research From South African Communities.Olga Zvonareva, Nora Engel, Eleanor Ross, Ron Berghmans, Ames Dhai & Anja Krumeich - 2013 - Developing World Bioethics 15 (1):8-17.
    The issue of benefits in international clinical research is highly controversial. Against the background of wide recognition of the need to share benefits of research, the nature of benefits remains strongly contested. Little is known about the perspectives of research populations on this issue and the extent to which research ethics discourses and guidelines are salient to the expectations and aspirations existing on the ground. This exploratory study contributes to filling this void by examining perspectives of people in low-income South (...)
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    Sex Differences in Early Embryogenesis: Inter‐Chromosomal Regulation Sets the Stage for Sex‐Biased Gene Networks.Nora Engel - 2018 - Bioessays 40 (9):1800073.
    Sex‐specific transcriptional and epigenomic profiles are detectable in the embryo very soon after fertilization. I propose that in male (XY) and female (XX) pre‐implantation embryos sex chromosomes establish sexually dimorphic interactions with the autosomes, before overt differences become apparent and long before gonadogenesis. Lineage determination restricts expression biases between the sexes, but the epigenetic differences are less constrained and can be perpetuated, accounting for dimorphisms that arise later in life. In this way, sexual identity is registered in the epigenome very (...)
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    Making global health care innovation work: standardization and localization.Nora Engel, Ine van Hoyweghen & Anja Krumeich (eds.) - 2014 - New York, NY: Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Global Health involves, among many things the intensified travelling of people, resources, technologies, knowledge, standards, and ideas. This book describes what happens when innovations are transferred to new settings: What work is needed to make them work, but also how they change the setting into which they are introduced.
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