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    Cognitive Control Outside of Conscious Awareness.Adriano Linzarini, Olivier Houdé & Grégoire Borst - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 53:185-193.
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    Pedagogy, Not Anatomy of Reasoning.Olivier Houdé - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (5):173-174.
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    Deductive Reasoning and Matching-Bias Inhibition Training: Evidence From a Debiasing Paradigm.Sylvain Moutier, Nathalie Angeard & Olivier Houde - 2002 - Thinking and Reasoning 8 (3):205 – 224.
    Using the matching bias example, the aim of the present studies was to show that adults' reasoning biases are due to faulty executive inhibition programming. In the first study, the subjects were trained on Wason's classical card selection task; half were given training in how to inhibit the perceptual matching bias (experimental group) and half in logic without the inhibition component (control group). On the pre- and post-tests, their performance was assessed on the Evans conditional rule falsification task (with a (...)
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    The Roots of Cognitive Science: American, Yes, but European Too.Olivier Houdé & Bernard Mazoyer - 2003 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 7 (7):283-284.
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    Consciousness and Unconsciousness of Logical Reasoning Errors in the Human Brain.Olivier Houdé - 2002 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (3):341-341.
    I challenge here the concept of SOC in regard to the question of the consciousness or unconsciousness of logical errors. My commentary offers support for the demonstration of how neuroimaging techniques might be used in the psychology of reasoning to test hypotheses about a potential hierarchy of levels of consciousness (and thus of partial unconsciousness) implemented in different brain networks.
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    Abstract After All? Abstraction Through Inhibition in Children and Adults.Olivier Houde - 2009 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (3-4):339 - 340.
    I challenge two points in Cohen Kadosh & Walsh's (CK & W) argument: First, the definition of abstraction is too restricted; second, the distinction between representations and operations is too clear-cut. For example, taking Jean Piaget's I propose that another way to avoid orthodoxy in the field of numerical cognition is to consider inhibition as an alternative idea of abstraction.
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    Pleasant Emotional Induction Broadens the Visual World of Young Children.Nicolas Poirel, Mathieu Cassotti, Virginie Beaucousin, Arlette Pineau & Olivier Houdé - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (1):186-191.
  8. Fear and Anger Have Opposite Effects on Risk Seeking in the Gain Frame.Marianne Habib, Mathieu Cassotti, Sylvain Moutier, Olivier Houdé & Grégoire Borst - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Dictionary of Cognitive Science: Neuroscience, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, and Philosophy.Olivier Houdé (ed.) - 2004 - Psychology Press.
    A translation of the renowned French reference book, Vocabulaire de sciences cognitives , the Dictionary of Cognitive Science presents comprehensive definitions of more than 120 terms. The editor and advisory board of specialists have brought together 60 internationally recognized scholars to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the most current and dynamic thinking in cognitive science. Topics range from Abduction to Writing, and each entry covers its subject from as many perspectives as possible within the domains of psychology, artificial (...)
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  10. Evidence for an Inhibitory-Control Theory of the Reasoning Brain.Olivier Houdé & Grégoire Borst - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
  11. Pensée Logico-Mathématique Nouveaux Objets Interdisciplinaires.Olivier Houdé, Denis Miéville & Jean-Pierre Changeux - 1993
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