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    Other minds in the brain: a functional imaging study of "theory of mind" in story comprehension.P. C. Fletcher, F. Happé, U. Frith, S. C. Baker, R. J. Dolan, R. S. Frackowiak & C. D. Frith - 1995 - Cognition 57 (2):109-128.
  2. Ketamine effects on memory reconsolidation favor a learning model of delusions.P. R. Corlett, V. Cambridge, J. M. Gardner, J. S. Piggot, D. C. Turner, J. C. Everitt, F. S. Arana, H. L. Morgan, A. L. Milton, J. L. Lee, M. R. Aitken, A. Dickinson, B. J. Everitt, A. R. Absalom, R. Adapa, N. Subramanian, J. R. Taylor, J. H. Krystal & P. C. Fletcher - 2013 - PLoS ONE 8 (6):e65088.
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    Sense of agency in health and disease: a review of cue integration approaches. [REVIEW]James W. Moore & P. C. Fletcher - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1):59-68.
    Sense of agency is a compelling but fragile experience that is augmented or attenuated by internal signals and by external cues. A disruption in SoA may characterise individual symptoms of mental illness such as delusions of control. Indeed, it has been argued that generic SoA disturbances may lie at the heart of delusions and hallucinations that characterise schizophrenia. A clearer understanding of how sensorimotor, perceptual and environmental cues complement, or compete with, each other in engendering SoA may prove valuable in (...)
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  4. Patterns of cerebral blood flow associated with hallucination types.P. C. Fletcher - 1995 - Cognition 57:109.
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