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    Advance Directives in Spain. Perspectives From a Medical Bioethicist Approach: Country Report.Pablo Simon-Lorda - 2008 - Bioethics 22 (6):346-354.
    Spain is one of the most advanced European countries in terms of the legislative and administrative development of ADs. Article 11 of Law 41/2002, concerning Patient Autonomy, regulates 'advance directives' and has prompted various Autonomous Regions to develop legislation in this area. Nevertheless, whilst the variety of legislations in different territories presents advantages, the disparity of criteria also presents problems. Despite significant legislative development, only 23,000 Spanish citizens have filled in an AD. Clearly, AD use is confined to a minority. (...)
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    Advance Directives and Proxies' Predictions About Patients' Treatment Preferences.Inés Barrio-Cantalejo, Adoración Molina-Ruiz, Pablo Simón-Lorda, Carmen Cámara-Medina & Isabel López - 2009 - Nursing Ethics 16 (1):93-109.
    The accuracy of proxies when they interpret advance directives or apply substituted decision-making criteria has been called into question. It therefore became important to know if the Andalusian Advance Directive Form can help to increase the accuracy of proxies' predictions. The aim of this research was to compare the effect of the AADF on the accuracy of proxies' predictions about patients' preferences with that gained from informative and deliberative sessions about end-of-life decision making. A total of 171 pairs of patients (...)
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    Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences of Nurses in Andalusia (Spain).M. -I. Tamayo-Velazquez, P. Simon-Lorda & M. Cruz-Piqueras - 2012 - Nursing Ethics 19 (5):677-691.
    The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge, attitudes and experiences of Spanish nurses in relation to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. In an online questionnaire completed by 390 nurses from Andalusia, 59.1% adequately identified a euthanasia situation and 64.1% a situation involving physician-assisted suicide. Around 69% were aware that both practices were illegal in Spain, while 21.4% had received requests for euthanasia and a further 7.8% for assisted suicide. A total of 22.6% believed that cases of euthanasia had (...)
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    Stability Over Time in the Preferences of Older Persons for Life-Sustaining Treatment.Ines M. Barrio-Cantalejo, Pablo Simón-Lorda, Adoración Molina-Ruiz, Fátima Herrera-Ramos, Encarnación Martínez-Cruz, Rosa Maria Bailon-Gómez, Antonio López-Rico & Patricia Peinado Gorlat - 2013 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 10 (1):103-114.
    Objective: To measure the stability of life-sustaining treatment preferences amongst older people and analyse the factors that influence stability. Design: Longitudinal cohort study. Setting: Primary care centres, Granada (Spain). Eighty-five persons age 65 years or older. Participants filled out a questionnaire with six contexts of illness (LSPQ-e). They had to decide whether or not to receive treatment. Participants completed the questionnaire at baseline and 18 months later. Results: 86 percent of the patients did not change preferences. Sex, age, marital status, (...)
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    Content of Public Health Ethics Postgraduate Courses in the United States.Pablo Simón-Lorda, Inés M. Barrio-Cantalejo & Patricia Peinado-Gorlat - 2015 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 12 (3):409-417.
    This paper evaluates the content of the syllabi of postgraduate courses on public health ethics within accredited schools and programs of public health in the United States in order to gain an awareness of the topics addressed within these courses. Methods: Data was gathered via the analysis of syllabi of courses on PHE. In 2012, information was requested by e-mail from the 48 schools and 86 PH programs accredited by the U.S. Council on Education for Public Health for 2012. The (...)
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