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    Some Consequences of Stimulus Variability on Speech Processing by 2-Month-Old Infants.P. W. Jusczyk, D. B. Pisoni & J. Mullennix - 1992 - Cognition 43 (3):253-291.
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    Synchronous Change and Perception of Object Unity: Evidence From Adults and Infants.P. W. Jusczyk, S. P. Johnson, E. S. Spelke & L. J. Kennedy - 1999 - Cognition 71 (3):257-88.
    Adults and infants display a robust ability to perceive the unity of a center-occluded object when the visible ends of the object undergo common motion (e.g. Kellman, P.J., Spelke, E.S., 1983. Perception of partly occluded objects in infancy. Cognitive Psychology 15, 483±524). Ecologically oriented accounts of this ability focus on the primacy of motion in the perception of segregated objects, but Gestalt theory suggests a broader possibility: observers may perceive object unity by detecting patterns of synchronous change, of which common (...)
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  3. Mueser, KT, 267.P. R. Mueser, A. Caramazza, P. Cherubini, B. Clark, N. Cowan, A. Garnham, R. W. Gibbs Jr, C. Hamann, P. W. Jusczyk & M. D. Leichtman - 1999 - Cognition 69:363.
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