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    Nanomaterials and Effects on Biological Systems: Development of Effective Regulatory Norms. [REVIEW]Padmavati Manchikanti & Tapas K. Bandopadhyay - 2010 - NanoEthics 4 (1):77-83.
    Nanoscience has enabled the understanding of organisation of the atomic and molecular world. Due to the unique chemical, electronic and magnetic properties nanomaterials have wide applications in the chemical, manufacturing, medical sector etc., Single walled carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, ZnSe quantum dots, TiO 2 nanoparticle based products are nearing commercialisation. Research is on-going worldwide on suitable delivery systems for nanomaterial based drugs. Nanomaterials are highly reactive in biological systems due to the large surface area. While the benefits of nanomaterials are evident (...)
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    Hearing Voices in Different Cultures: A Social Kindling Hypothesis.Tanya M. Luhrmann, R. Padmavati, Hema Tharoor & Akwasi Osei - 2015 - Topics in Cognitive Science 7 (4):646-663.
    This study compares 20 subjects, in each of three different settings, with serious psychotic disorder who hear voices, and compares their voice-hearing experience. We find that while there is much that is similar, there are notable differences in the kinds of voices that people seem to experience. In a California sample, people were more likely to describe their voices as intrusive unreal thoughts; in the South Indian sample, they were more likely to describe them as providing useful guidance; and in (...)
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