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  1. Riccardo Manzotti, Paolo Moderato.Riccardo Manzotti & Paolo Moderato - unknown
    The widespread use of brain imaging techniques encourages conceiving of neuroscience as the forthcoming “mindscience.” Perhaps surprisingly for many, this conclusion is still largely unwarranted. The present paper surveys various shortcomings of neuroscience as a putative “mindscience.” The analysis shows that the scope of mind (both cognitive and phenomenal) falls outside that of neuroscience. Of course, such a conclusion does not endorse any metaphysical or antiscientific stance as to the nature of the mind. Rather, it challenges a series of assumptions (...)
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    What is the Purpose of a New Behaviorally Based Dynamic Developmental Theory of ADHD? The Perspective of the Educational Psychologist.Paolo Moderato & Giovambattista Presti - 2005 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (3):435-436.
    In Sagvolden et al.'s conceptualization of how a poor behavioral, social, and academic repertoire arises from an impaired interaction with the environment of an individual with a neurological disorder, we see a convergence between the medical diagnosis and the functional assessment on which the behavioral educational approach is based. If children with such a disorder do show delay-of-reinforcement steepened gradients, it is possible to predict their behavior under given circumstances. This could bring us to more precise diagnostic criteria and better (...)
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    Is Neuroscience Adequate as the Forthcoming “Mindscience”?.Riccardo Manzotti & Paolo Moderato - 2010 - Behavior and Philosophy 38:1-29.
  4. Intentional Change, Intrinsic Motivations, and Goal Generation.Riccardo Manzotti & Paolo Moderato - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (4):431-432.
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