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    Affirmative Action and Philosophy Instruction.Parker English - 1992 - Teaching Philosophy 15 (4):311-327.
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    Co-authored letter to the APA to take a lead role in the recognition of teaching in the classroom, based on the participation in an interdisciplinary Conference on the Role of Advocacy in the Classroom back in 1995. At the time of this writing, the late Myles Brand was the President of Indiana University and a member of the IU Department of Philosophy.
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  5.  20
    Bribery and the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.Parker English - 1989 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 4 (4):13-23.
  6. Improving Academic Writing.Parker English - 1997 - Teaching Philosophy 20.
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    In Defense of Applied Ethics Courses.Parker English - 1988 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 4 (2):43-49.
  8. Morality, Art, and African Philosophy: A Response to Wiredu.Parker English & Nancy Steele Hamme - forthcoming - African Philosophy: Selected Readings Englewood Cliffs. Nj: Prentice Hall.
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  10. On Senghor's Theory of Negritude.Parker English - forthcoming - African Philosophy: A Classical Approach. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
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    Representative Realism and Absolute Reality.Parker English - 1990 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 28 (3):127 - 145.
  12. What We Say, Who We Are: Leopold Senghor, Zora Neale Hurston, and the Philosophy of Language.Parker English - 2009 - Lexington Books.
    In What We Say, Who We Are, Parker English explores the commonality between Leopold Senghor's concept of "negritude" and Zora Neale Hurston's view of "Negro expression." For English, these two concepts emphasize that a person's view of herself is above all dictated by the way in which she talks about herself. Focusing on "performism," English discusses the presentational/representational and externalistic/internalistic facets of this concept and how they relate to the ideas of Senghor and Hurston.
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    Preferential Hiring and Just War Theory.Parker English - 1994 - Journal of Social Philosophy 25 (2):119-138.
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