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    The Elementary Theory of the Natural Lattice is Finitely Axiomatizable.Patrick Cegielski - 1988 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 30 (1):138-150.
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    Window-Accumulated Subsequence Matching Problem is Linear.Luc Boasson, Patrick Cegielski, Irène Guessarian & Yuri Matiyasevich - 2001 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 113 (1-3):59-80.
    Given two strings, text t of length n, and pattern p = p1…pk of length k, and given a natural number w, the subsequence matching problem consists in finding the number of size w windows of text t which contain pattern p as a subsequence, i.e. the letters p1,…,pk occur in the window, in the same order as in p, but not necessarily consecutively . Subsequence matching is used for finding frequent patterns and association rules in databases. We generalize the (...)
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    Definability and Decidability Issues in Extensions of the Integers with the Divisibility Predicate.Patrick Cegielski, Yuri Matiyasevich & Denis Richard - 1996 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 61 (2):515-540.
    Let M be a first-order structure; we denote by DEF(M) the set of all first-order definable relations and functions within M. Let π be any one-to-one function from N into the set of prime integers. Let ∣ and $\bullet$ be respectively the divisibility relation and multiplication as function. We show that the sets DEF(N,π,∣) and $\mathrm{DEF}(\mathbb{N},\pi,\bullet)$ are equal. However there exists function π such that the set DEF(N,π,∣), or, equivalently, $\mathrm{DEF}(\mathbb{N},\pi,\bullet)$ is not equal to $\mathrm{DEF}(\mathbb{N},+,\bullet)$ . Nevertheless, in all cases (...)
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    Preface.Patrick Cegielski, Leszek Pacholski, Denis Richard, Jerzy Tomasik & Alex Wilkie - 1997 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 89 (1):1.
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    Fontainebleau (Univ. Paris XII), France July 19–22, 2004.Igor Walukiewicz, France Curie, Patrick Cégielski & Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira - 2005 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 11 (1).
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