1.  32
    Cerebellar Rhythms: Exploring Another Metaphor.Patrick D. Roberts, Gin McCollum & Jan E. Holly - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (3):471-472.
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    Cooperative Field Theory is Critical for Embodiment.Patrick D. Roberts - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (1):59-60.
    The field theoretic approach of the target article is simplified by setting the parameters of the dynamical field equation so that the system is near the critical point between cooperative and non-cooperative dynamics. However, embodiment of cognitive development would require a closer connection between the dynamical field interactions and the physiology of the cerebral cortex.
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    Stochastic Recruitment in Parallel Fiber Activity Patterns.Patrick D. Roberts - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (2):263-264.
    Random-excitation granule cells are likely to overwhelm spatiotemporal sequences described as in Braitenberg et al.'s target article. A mechanism is proposed involving the Golgi cells to reinforce tidal waves against noise. The recurrent inhibition by the Golgi calls can recruit random excitations of granule cells in phase with sequences of mossy fiber input.
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