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    Pfaffian differential equations over exponential o-minimal structures.Chris Miller & Patrick Speissegger - 2002 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 67 (1):438-448.
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    New Orleans Marriott and Sheraton New Orleans Hotels New Orleans, LA January 8–9, 2011.Jeremy Avigad, Ulrich W. Kohlenbach, Henry Towsner, Samson Abramsky, Andreas Blass, Larry Moss, Alf Onshuus Nino, Patrick Speissegger, Juris Steprans & Monica VanDieren - 2012 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 18 (1).
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    Expansions of the real field by open sets: definability versus interpretability.Harvey Friedman, Krzysztof Kurdyka, Chris Miller & Patrick Speissegger - 2010 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 75 (4):1311-1325.
    An open U ⊆ ℝ is produced such that (ℝ, +, ·, U) defines a Borel isomorph of (ℝ, +, ·, ℕ) but does not define ℕ. It follows that (ℝ, +, ·, U) defines sets in every level of the projective hierarchy but does not define all projective sets. This result is elaborated in various ways that involve geometric measure theory and working over o-minimal expansions of (ℝ, +, ·). In particular, there is a Cantor set E ⊆ ℝ (...)
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