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    The Retrieval of Deification: How a Once‐Despised Archaism Became an Ecumenical Desideratum.Paul L. Gavrilyuk - 2009 - Modern Theology 25 (4):647-659.
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    The Reception of Dionysius in Twentieth‐Century Eastern Orthodoxy.Paul L. Gavrilyuk - 2008 - Modern Theology 24 (4):707-723.
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    Creation in Early Christian Polemical Literature: Irenaeus Against the Gnostics and Athanasius Against the Arians.Paul Gavrilyuk - 2013 - Modern Theology 29 (2):22-32.
    The doctrine of creation out of nothing was conceptually sharpened as the Church Fathers engaged the cosmological views of their opponents. This article discusses the emergence of this doctrine in the second century, focusing on the polemic of Irenaeus against the Gnostics. For Irenaeus, creatio ex nihilo was already a part of the “rule of truth,” which provided a hermeneutical key to the scriptures. Irenaeus also used rational arguments to show that Gnostic cosmologies obscured, rather than explained the origins of (...)
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    Plotinus on Divine Simplicity.Paul L. Gavrilyuk - 2019 - Modern Theology 35 (3):442-451.
    Gavrilyuk attends to divine simplicity according to the third‐century AD pagan philosopher Plotinus. He shows that Plotinus draws his doctrine of divine simplicity from the earlier Greco‐Roman philosophical tradition, in which the nature of the “first principle” was highly contested. Aristotle offers a history of the early debate, with Anaxagoras being the first to glimpse the first principle’s simplicity. The Platonist philosophers conceived of the first principle as incorporeal, and on these grounds linked the first principle to simplicity. For his (...)
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    Rolnick on the Metaphysics of the Person.Paul L. Gavrilyuk - 2009 - Tradition and Discovery 36 (3):39-42.