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    The Probabilistic Analysis of Language Acquisition: Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Analysis.Anne S. Hsu, Nick Chater & Paul M. B. Vitányi - 2011 - Cognition 120 (3):380-390.
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    Kolmogorov Complexity and Information Theory. With an Interpretation in Terms of Questions and Answers.Peter D. Grünwald & Paul M. B. Vitányi - 2003 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 12 (4):497-529.
    We compare the elementary theories of Shannon information and Kolmogorov complexity, the extent to which they have a common purpose, and wherethey are fundamentally different. We discuss and relate the basicnotions of both theories: Shannon entropy, Kolmogorov complexity, Shannon mutual informationand Kolmogorov (``algorithmic'') mutual information. We explainhow universal coding may be viewed as a middle ground betweenthe two theories. We consider Shannon's rate distortion theory, whichquantifies useful (in a certain sense) information.We use the communication of information as our guiding motif, (...)
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    Universal Generalization and Universal Inter-Item Confusability.Nick Chater, Paul M. B. Vitányi & Neil Stewart - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (4):659-660.
    We argue that confusability between items should be distinguished from generalization between items. Shepard's data concern confusability, but the theories proposed by Shepard and by Tenenbaum & Griffiths concern generalization, indicating a gap between theory and data. We consider the empirical and theoretical work involved in bridging this gap. [Shepard; Tenenbaum & Griffiths].
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    Remembering Kolmogorov: Harold H. McFadden : Kolmogorov in Perspective. Series: History of Mathematics. Vol. 20. American Mathematical Society/London Mathematical Society, 2000 , X+230pp, $51 PB.Paul M. B. Vitányi - 2011 - Metascience 20 (3):509-511.
    Remembering Kolmogorov Content Type Journal Article Pages 1-3 DOI 10.1007/s11016-011-9540-6 Authors Paul M. B. Vitányi, CWI, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam, The Netherlands Journal Metascience Online ISSN 1467-9981 Print ISSN 0815-0796.
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