1. Progress as a Demarcation Criterion for the Sciences.Paul M. Quay - 1974 - Philosophy of Science 41 (2):154-170.
    It is argued that two aspects of the progress of mature science characterize, at least in combination, no other fields; hence, that these aspects can usefully serve as a demarcation criterion. Scientific progress is: (1) cumulative, regardless of crisis or revolution, from the viewpoint of concrete applications; (2) capable of unrestricted growth towards universal coerciveness of argument and evidence. Before these aspects of progress are discussed, some clarifications are made and corrections offered to Kuhn's view of the nature of scientific (...)
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    A Distinction in Search of a Difference: The Psycho-Social Distinction Between Science and Theology.Paul M. Quay - 1974 - Modern Schoolman 51 (4):345-359.
  3. Final Causality in Contemporary Physics.Paul M. Quay - 1995 - Ultimate Reality and Meaning 18 (1):3-19.
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    "Protophysik: Entwurf Einer Philosophie des Schöpferischen. 1. Teil :Spezielle Relativitätstheorie," by Siegfried Müller-Markus.Paul M. Quay - 1976 - Modern Schoolman 53 (3):326-326.
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    The Estimative Functions of Physical Theory.Paul M. Quay - 1975 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 6 (2):125.
    Attention is drawn to two closely related functions served by scientific theory which are of fundamental importance in physical science but as yet little discussed in philosophy. As indicated by their names, they constitute the theoretical basis of physical measurements. After analysing some historically important examples and sketching the historical development of these ideas, this paper examines the similarities and differences between the estimate functions of theory and such well-known functions as prediction and explanation. The pervasiveness of the estimative functions (...)
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