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    Per Sundström (1998). Interpreting the Notion That Technology is Value-Neutral. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy 1 (1):41-45.
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    Per Sundström (1991). Aids, Myth, and Ethics. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 12 (2).
    The present paper is a commentary on an article by Larry Churchill [1]. Churchill has argued that the negative attitudes and adverse behavior we commonly encounter in connection with AIDS patients may be understood in terms of a dualistic myth inspiring a ritual avoidance of dirt, of dirt as something that does not belong to a clean world order. The deep-seated mythical character of attitudes and behavior here makes them less accessible to the kind of rational argument commonly employed in (...)
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  3. Per Sundström (2001). Disease: The Phenomenological and Conceptual Center of Practical-Clinical Medicine. In Kay Toombs (ed.), Handbook of Phenomenology and Medicine. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 109--126.
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    Per Sundström (1994). Debating Point. Health Care Analysis 2 (1):60-64.
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