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  1. Updating Subjective Probability.Persi Diaconis & Sandy L. Zabell - 1982 - Journal of the American Statistical Association 77 (380):822-830.
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    The persistence of cognitive illusions.Persi Diaconis & David Freedman - 1981 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (3):333-334.
  3.  89
    Finite forms of de finetti's theorem on exchangeability.Persi Diaconis - 1977 - Synthese 36 (2):271 - 281.
    A geometrical interpretation of independence and exchangeability leads to understanding the failure of de Finetti's theorem for a finite exchangeable sequence. In particular an exchangeable sequence of length r which can be extended to an exchangeable sequence of length k is almost a mixture of independent experiments, the error going to zero like 1/k.
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    De Finetti's generalizations of exchangeability.Persi Diaconis & David Freedman - 1980 - In Richard C. Jeffrey (ed.), Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability. Berkeley: University of California Press. pp. 2--233.
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    Are there still things to do in bayesian statistics?Persi Diaconis & Susan Holmes - 1996 - Erkenntnis 45 (2-3):145 - 158.
    From the outside, Bayesian statistics may seem like a closed little corner of probability. Once a prior is specified you compute! From the inside the field is filled with problems, conceptual and otherwise. This paper surveys some of what remains to be done and gives examples of the work in progress via a Bayesian peek into Feller volume I.
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