Peter Becker [5]Peter B. Becker [3]
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    Little Tools of Knowledge: Historical Essays on Academic and Bureaucratic Practices.Peter Becker & William Clark (eds.) - 2001 - University of Michigan Press.
    This volume brings historians of science and social historians together to consider the role of "little tools"--such as tables, reports, questionnaires, dossiers, index cards--in establishing academic and bureaucratic claims to authority and objectivity. From at least the eighteenth century onward, our science and society have been planned, surveyed, examined, and judged according to particular techniques of collecting and storing knowledge. Recently, the seemingly self-evident nature of these mundane epistemic and administrative tools, as well as the prose in which they are (...)
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    The Many Colours of Chromodomains.Alexander Brehm, Katharina R. Tufteland, Rein Aasland & Peter B. Becker - 2004 - Bioessays 26 (2):133-140.
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    The Establishment of Active Promoters in Chromatin.Peter B. Becker - 1994 - Bioessays 16 (8):541-547.
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    Changing Images: The Criminal as Seen by the German Police in the Nineteenth Century.Peter Becker - 1994 - History of European Ideas 19 (1-3):79-85.
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    Form and Function of Dosage‐Compensated Chromosomes – a Chicken‐and‐Egg Relationship.Charlotte Grimaud & Peter B. Becker - 2010 - Bioessays 32 (8):709-717.
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