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    Pronouns, Names, and the Centering of Attention in Discourse.Peter C. Gordon, Barbara J. Grosz & Laura A. Gilliom - 1993 - Cognitive Science 17 (3):311-347.
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    Intuitive knowledge of linguistic co-reference.Peter C. Gordon & Randall Hendrick - 1997 - Cognition 62 (3):325-370.
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    The Representation and Processing of Coreference in Discourse.Peter C. Gordon & Randall Hendrick - 1998 - Cognitive Science 22 (4):389-424.
    A model is presented that addresses both the distribution and comprehension of different forms of referring expressions in language. This model is expressed in a formalism (Kamp & Reyle, 1993) that uses interpretive rules to map syntactic representations onto representations of discourse. Basic interpretive rules are developed for names, pronouns, definite descriptions, and quantified descriptions. These rules are triggered by syntactic input and interact dynamically with representations of discourse to establish reference and coreference. This interaction determines the ease with which (...)
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    Natural forces as agents: Reconceptualizing the animate–inanimate distinction.Matthew W. Lowder & Peter C. Gordon - 2015 - Cognition 136:85-90.
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  5. Naming versus referring in the selection of words.Peter C. Gordon - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):44-44.
    The theory of lexical selection presented by Levelt, Roelofs & Meyer addresses the mechanisms of semantic activation that lead to the selection of isolated words. The theory does not appear to extend naturally to the referential use of words in coherent discourse. A more complete theory of lexical selection has to consider the semantics of discourse as well as lexical semantics.
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    Constraining the comprehension of pronominal expressions in Chinese.Chin Lung Yang, Peter C. Gordon, Randall Hendrick & Chih Wei Hue - 2003 - Cognition 86 (3):283-315.
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    Relative Clause Effects at the Matrix Verb Depend on Type of Intervening Material.Matthew W. Lowder & Peter C. Gordon - 2021 - Cognitive Science 45 (9):e13039.
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