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    Weak Links: The Universal Key to the Stability of Networks and Complex Systems.Peter Csermely - 2009 - Springer.
    A principle is born: the Granovetter study -- Why do we like networks? -- Network stability -- Weak links as stabilizers of complex systems -- Atoms, molecules, and macromolecules -- Weak links and cellular stability -- Weak links and the stability of organisms -- Social nets -- Networks of human culture -- The global web -- The Ecoweb -- Conclusions and perspectives.
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    Ageing as a Price of Cooperation and Complexity.Huba J. M. Kiss, Ágoston Mihalik, Tibor Nánási, Bálint Őry, Zoltán Spiró, Csaba Sőti & Peter Csermely - 2009 - Bioessays 31 (6):651-664.
  3. A Rejtett Hálózatok Ereje: Mi Segíti a Világ Stabilitását?Peter Csermely - 2005 - Vince.
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    Chaperone‐Percolator Model: A Possible Molecular Mechanism of Anfinsen‐Cage–Type Chaperones.Peter Csermely - 1999 - Bioessays 21 (11):959-965.
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    Chaperone-Percolator Model: A Possible Molecular Mechanism of Anfinsen-Cage-Type Chaperones.Peter Csermely - 1999 - Bioessays 21 (11):959-965.
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    The Wisdom of Networks: A General Adaptation and Learning Mechanism of Complex Systems.Peter Csermely - 2018 - Bioessays 40 (1):1700150.
    I hypothesize that re-occurring prior experience of complex systems mobilizes a fast response, whose attractor is encoded by their strongly connected network core. In contrast, responses to novel stimuli are often slow and require the weakly connected network periphery. Upon repeated stimulus, peripheral network nodes remodel the network core that encodes the attractor of the new response. This “core-periphery learning” theory reviews and generalizes the heretofore fragmented knowledge on attractor formation by neural networks, periphery-driven innovation, and a number of recent (...)
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