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Peter Li
St. John's University
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    Dog “Meat” Consumption in China.Peter J. Li, Jiang Sun & Dezhi Yu - 2017 - Society and Animals 25 (6):513-532.
    The consumption of dog “meat” is dividing the Chinese society into two camps. Is dog eating part of the mainstream food culture or is it a declining practice? With the help of a survey of 1,265 respondents in Yanji and Dalian, the study confirms different rates of acceptance regarding dog eating among the respondents by age, ethnicity, education, rural-urban residence status, and profession. Contrary to the belief that urbanization weakens traditional behaviors, our study found that Yanji, with its high urbanization (...)
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    Culture, Reform Politics, and Future Directions: A Review of China’s Animal Protection Challenge. [REVIEW]Peter J. Li & Gareth Davey - 2013 - Society and Animals 21 (1):34-53.
    Incidents of animal abuse in China attract worldwide media attention. Is China culturally inclined to animal cruelty, or is the country’s development strategy a better explanation? This article addresses the subject of animal protection in China, a topic that has been ignored for too long by Western China specialists. A review of ancient Chinese thought asks whether China lacks a legacy of compassion for animals. The article then considers how China’s reform politics underlie the animal welfare crisis. Through its discussion (...)
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    Exponential Growth, Animal Welfare, Environmental and Food Safety Impact: The Case of China’s Livestock Production. [REVIEW]Peter J. Li - 2009 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 22 (3):217-240.
    Developmental states are criticized for rapid “industrialization without enlightenment.” In the last 30 years, China’s breathtaking growth has been achieved at a high environmental and food safety cost. This article, utilizing a recent survey of China’s livestock industry, illustrates the initiating role of China’s developmental state in the exponential expansion of the country’s livestock production. The enthusiastic response of the livestock industry to the many state policy incentives has made China the world’s biggest animal farming nation. Shortage of meat and (...)
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