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    Human Male Pair Bonding and Testosterone.Peter B. Gray, Judith Flynn Chapman, Terence C. Burnham, Matthew H. McIntyre, Susan F. Lipson & Peter T. Ellison - 2004 - Human Nature 15 (2):119-131.
    Previous research in North America has supported the view that male involvement in committed, romantic relationships is associated with lower testosterone (T) levels. Here, we test the prediction that undergraduate men involved in committed, romantic relationships (paired) will have lower T levels than men not involved in such relationships (unpaired). Further, we also test whether these differences are more apparent in samples collected later, rather than earlier, in the day. For this study, 107 undergraduate men filled out a questionnaire and (...)
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    Lactational Amenorrhoea in Well-Nourished Toba Women of Formosa, Argentina.Claudia Valeggia & Peter T. Ellison - 2004 - Journal of Biosocial Science 36 (5):573-595.
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    Girl Helpers and Time Allocation of Nursing Women Among the Toba of Argentina.Riley B. Bove, Claudia R. Valeggia & Peter T. Ellison - 2002 - Human Nature 13 (4):457-472.
    In this paper we outline the activities of young girls in a Toba community of northern Argentina and examine the effect of girl helpers on time allocation of nursing women. Activity budgets were obtained for 41 girls aged 3 to 15 using spot observations. Girls spent substantial portions of observations engaged in helping behaviors. Individual values varied with age, anthropometric characteristics, and birth order. Activity budgets of 21 nursing women were obtained through focal observation sessions. Women living in households with (...)
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    Extinction and Descent.Peter T. Ellison - 1994 - Human Nature 5 (2):155-165.
    The probability of lineal extinction is sensitive to all the moments of the reproductive success probability distribution. In particular, high variance in reproductive success is associated with high probability of lineal extinction. Where male variance in reproductive success exceeds female variance, strictly patrilineal lines of descent will become extinct more rapidly than strictly matrilineal lines of descent. Patrilineal genealogies will be expected to be shallower and broader than matrilineal genealogies under such conditions. Potential implications of this genealogical asymmetry for human (...)
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    Lineal Inheritance and Lineal Extinction.Peter T. Ellison - 1985 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 8 (4):672-672.