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    The Mathematical Experience.Philip J. Davis - 1981 - Birkhäuser.
    Presents general information about meteorology, weather, and climate and includes more than thirty activities to help study these topics, including making a ...
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  2. Descartes' Dream: The World According to Mathematics.Philip J. Davis - 1986 - Dover Publications.
    Philosopher Rene Descartes visualized a world unified by mathematics, in which all intellectual issues could be resolved rationally by local computation. This series of provocative essays takes a modern look at the seventeenth-century thinker’s dream, examining the physical and intellectual influences of mathematics on society, particularly in light of technological advances. They survey the conditions that elicit the application of mathematic principles; the effectiveness of these applications; and how applied mathematics constrain lives and transform perceptions of reality. Highly suitable for (...)
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    The Humanistic Aspects of Mathematics and Their Importance.Philip J. Davis - unknown
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  4. The Companion Guide to the Mathematical Experience, Study Edition.Philip J. Davis - 1995 - Birkhäuser.