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    The Ebola Clinical Trials: A Precedent for Research Ethics in Disasters.Philippe Calain - 2018 - Journal of Medical Ethics 44 (1):3-8.
    The West African Ebola epidemic has set in motion a collective endeavour to conduct accelerated clinical trials, testing unproven but potentially lifesaving interventions in the course of a major public health crisis. This unprecedented effort was supported by the recommendations of an ad hoc ethics panel convened in August 2014 by the WHO. By considering why and on what conditions the exceptional circumstances of the Ebola epidemic justified the use of unproven interventions, the panel's recommendations have challenged conventional thinking about (...)
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    Research Ethics and International Epidemic Response: The Case of Ebola and Marburg Hemorrhagic Fevers.Philippe Calain, Nathalie Fiore, Marc Poncin & Samia A. Hurst - 2009 - Public Health Ethics 2 (1):7-29.
    Institute for Biomedical Ethics, Geneva University Medical School * Corresponding author: Médecins Sans Frontières (OCG), rue de Lausanne 78, CH-1211 Geneva 21, Switzerland. Tel.: +41 (0)22 849 89 29; Fax: +41 (0)22 849 84 88; Email: philippe_calain{at}hotmail.com ' + u + '@' + d + ' '//--> Abstract Outbreaks of filovirus (Ebola and Marburg) hemorrhagic fevers in Africa are typically the theater of rescue activities involving international experts and agencies tasked with reinforcing national authorities in clinical management, biological diagnosis, sanitation, (...)
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    Counterterrorism Policies and Practices: Health and Values at Stake.Lisa Eckenwiler, Matthew Hunt, Ayesha Ahmad, Philippe Calain, Angus Dawson, Robert Goodin, Daniel Messelken, Leonard Rubenstein & Verina Wild - 2015 - WHO Bulletin 93:737–738.
    New mechanisms to ensure that counter ter ror ism ac t ivit ies do not contravene international law or ethical values and principles will require careful design. Apart from the ethical and legal grounds, there are good practical rea-sons to design more effective counterter-rorism measures. Preventable harms to population health contribute to mistrust and instability and undermine the stated objectives of the intelligence services.
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    Response to ‘On Complicity and Compromise’ by Chiara Lepora and Robert Goodin.Philippe Calain - 2017 - Journal of Medical Ethics 43 (4):266-266.
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