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    Bryce Huebner, Marc D. Hauser & Phillip Pettit (2011). How the Source, Inevitability and Means of Bringing About Harm Interact in Folk-Moral Judgments. Mind and Language 26 (2):210-233.
    Means-based harms are frequently seen as forbidden, even when they lead to a greater good. But, are there mitigating factors? Results from five experiments show that judgments about means-based harms are modulated by: 1) Pareto considerations (was the harmed person made worse off?), 2) the directness of physical contact, and 3) the source of the threat (e.g. mechanical, human, or natural). Pareto harms are more permissible than non-Pareto harms, Pareto harms requiring direct physical contact are less permissible than those that (...)
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    Phillip Pettit (2004). Hope and its Place in Mind. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1):152--165.
    People may have open minds on whether a life-extending drug or technology is going to be developed before their sixties and may strongly desire that development. Do they therefore hope that it occurs? Do they hope for it in the substantive sense of “pinning their hopes” on the development? No, they do not. Hoping for a prospect in that sense certainly presupposes having an open mind on whether it will occur and having a desire for its occurrence. But, more crucially, (...)
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  3. Phillip Pettit (2010). Deliberation and Decision. In Constantine Sandis & Timothy O'Connor (eds.), A Companion to the Philosophy of Action. Blackwell
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    Robert E. Goodin & Phillip Pettit (1998). 848, US $42.50. Curthoys, Jean, Feminist Amnesia, New York & London, Routledge, 1997, Xii+ 200, $28.95. Devitt, Michael, Realism and Truth, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1996, 340, US $14.95. Dworkin, Gerald (Ed.), Mill's On Liberty: Critical E~ Says, Lanham, Maryland, Rowman and Littlefield, 1997, Xiii+ 189, US $34.00 (Cloth)/US $12.95 (Paper). [REVIEW] Australasian Journal of Philosophy 76 (1):136-137.
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