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  1. The Evolution of a Social Construction: The Case of Male Homosexuality.Pieter R. Adriaens & Andreas De Block - 2006 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 49 (4):570-585.
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    Evolutionary Psychiatry and the Schizophrenia Paradox: A Critique.Pieter R. Adriaens - 2007 - Biology and Philosophy 22 (4):513-528.
    Evolutionary psychiatrists invariably consider schizophrenia to be a paradox: how come natural selection has not yet eliminated the infamous ‘genes for schizophrenia’ if the disorder simply crushes the reproductive success of its carriers, if it has been around for thousands of years already, and if it has a uniform prevalence throughout the world? Usually, the answer is that the schizophrenic genotype is subject to some kind of balancing selection: the benefits it confers would then outbalance the obvious damage it does. (...)
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    Alle gekheid in een hokje.Pieter R. Adriaens & Andreas de Block - 2010 - Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 72 (1):7-39.
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    Maladapting Minds: Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Evolutionary Theory.Pieter R. Adriaens & Andreas de Block (eds.) - 2011 - Oxford University Press.
    Maladapting Minds discusses a number of reasons why philosophers of psychiatry should take an interest in evolutionary explanations of mental disorders and, more generally, in evolutionary thinking. First of all, there is the nascent field of evolutionary psychiatry. Unlike other psychiatrists, evolutionary psychiatrists engage with ultimate, rather than proximate, questions about mental illnesses. Being a young and youthful new discipline, evolutionary psychiatry allows for a nice case study in the philosophy of science. Secondly, philosophers of psychiatry have engaged with evolutionary (...)
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  5. Why Philosophers of Psychiatry Should Care About Evolutionary Theory.Andreas De Block & Pieter R. Adriaens - 2011 - In Pieter R. Adriaens & Andreas de Block (eds.), Maladapting Minds: Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Evolutionary Theory. Oxford University Press.
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