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    Some improvements to the Shenoy-Shafer and Hugin architectures for computing marginals.Tuija Schmidt & Prakash P. Shenoy - 1998 - Artificial Intelligence 102 (2):323-333.
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    Decision making on the sole basis of statistical likelihood.Phan H. Giang & Prakash P. Shenoy - 2005 - Artificial Intelligence 165 (2):137-163.
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    Game Trees For Decision Analysis.Prakash P. Shenoy - 1998 - Theory and Decision 44 (2):149-171.
    Game trees (or extensive-form games) were first defined by von Neumann and Morgenstern in 1944. In this paper we examine the use of game trees for representing Bayesian decision problems. We propose a method for solving game trees using local computation. This method is a special case of a method due to Wilson for computing equilibria in 2-person games. Game trees differ from decision trees in the representations of information constraints and uncertainty. We compare the game tree representation and solution (...)
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    Two interpretations of the difference principle in Rawls's theory of justice.Prakash P. Shenoy & Rex Martin - 1983 - Theoria 49 (3):113-141.