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    Free Will, Consciousness and Self: Anthropological Perspectives on Psychology.Preben Bertelsen - 2003 - Berghahn Books.
    Introduction General Anthropology What is it to be human? Human existence means human co-existence; this is an inevitable part of the human condition. ...
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  2. Peter Arheim Et Al.(Ed.), Mind Matters? On the Material Basis of the Cognitive Activity of Mind. [REVIEW]Preben Bertelsen - 1998 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 5 (3):375-375.
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    Free Will in Psychology—In Search of a Geniuin Compatibilism.Preben Bertelsen - 1999 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 19 (1):41-77.
    Attempts to develop a genuine compatabilist model of the free will and to implement this model into psychology. The task of the model is to present an alternative to those versions of the compatabilist notion, which rightly seen are nothing but soft versions of determinism. This alternative is based on an integration of a soft version of determinism with a soft version of indeterminism, and based on a nonmystical and scientific concept of downward causality, and thereby is placed in the (...)
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    Development of Phenomenological Consciousness in Early Childhood.Preben Bertelsen - 1999 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 19 (2):195-216.
    This article presents a developmental model of phenomenological consciousness in early childhood . A 3-stage developmental model is constructed, based on the understanding of phenomenological consciousness as modeling activity structured by the directedness at/by the world in general and directedness at/by directedness in particular. Thereby, it is demonstrated that it is in the interaction with other people and the structure and content of their phenomenological consciousness, i.e., their directedness and their modeling of the world, that the development of fully accomplished (...)
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    General Psychological Principles I N kOhut's Self Psychology Reconsidered From a Phenomenological Perspective.Preben Bertelsen - 1996 - Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 27 (2):146-173.
    Self psychology is the study of the psychodynamics that come into existence with self reflection-that is, the intentions that emerge with introspection. In this respect, self psychology is different from Freudian psychoanalysis and intimately related to the phenomenological-existential perspective. In this paper, I examine how a general psychological model of intentional reflection can be developed on the basis of Kohut's self psychology, a model that illustrates one of the central organizational principles of human psychology. I conclude with a discussion of (...)
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