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    Professional Virtue and Professional Self-Awareness: A Case Study in Engineering Ethics.Preston Stovall - 2011 - Science and Engineering Ethics 17 (1):109-132.
    This paper articulates an Aristotelian theory of professional virtue and provides an application of that theory to the subject of engineering ethics. The leading idea is that Aristotle’s analysis of the definitive function of human beings, and of the virtues humans require to fulfill that function, can serve as a model for an analysis of the definitive function or social role of a profession and thus of the virtues professionals must exhibit to fulfill that role. Special attention is given to (...)
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    Nature, Purpose, and Norm: A Program in American Philosophy.Preston Stovall - 2016 - Journal of the American Philosophical Association 2 (4):617-636.
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    Inference by Analogy and the Progress of Knowledge: From Reflection to Determination in Judgements of Natural Purpose.Preston Stovall - 2015 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23 (4):681-709.
    In this paper, I argue that Darwin's On the Origin of Species can be interpreted as the culmination of an extended exercise of what Kant called ‘the reflecting power of judgement’ that issued in a form of reasoning that Hegel associates with inference by analogy and that Peirce associates with hypothesis and later assimilates to abduction. After some exegetical and rationally reconstructive work, I support this reading by showing that Darwin's theory of natural selection gave us a way of understanding (...)
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    Hegel's Realism: The Implicit Metaphysics of Self-Knowledge.Preston Stovall - 2007 - Review of Metaphysics 61 (1):81-117.