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    The Ideology of Order a Comparative Analysis of Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes.Preston T. King - 1974 - London: Allen & Unwin.
    A school of thought traceable to the political writings of Bodin and Hobbes believes that "order" is the cardinal principle which takes precedence over "justice" - which is reduced to conformity. The main concern of this book is to analyse this tradition through study of its progenitors.
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    Thomas Hobbes: Critical Assessments : Background : Texts and Context.Preston T. King (ed.) - 1992 - Routledge.
    Thomas Hobbes is arguably the greatest of all English philosophers. In the second half of the twentieth century, he has been the subject of sustained critical attention. Hobbes was capable of powerful argument on virtually any level, whether logical, scriptural or historical. And he has attracted attention in all these areas and more questions of historical method, language and linguistics, metaphysics, ethics, law, politics, science and religion. Hobbes has been examined from a great variety of perspectives as an ethical positivist (...)
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    The History of Ideas: An Introduction to Method.Preston T. King (ed.) - 1983 - London: Barnes & Noble.
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    Trusting in Reason: Martin Hollis and the Philosophy of Social Action.Preston T. King (ed.) - 2003 - Frank Cass.
    Martin Hollis (d.1998) was arguably the most incisive, eloquent and witty philosopher of the social sciences of his time. His work is appreciated and contested here by some of the most eminent of contemporary social theorists. Hollis's philosophy of social action, routinely distinguished between understanding (rational) and explanation (causal). He argued that the aptest account of human interaction was to be made in terms of the first. Thus he focused upon the human reasons, for, rather than upon the natural causes (...)
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