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    Societal Sentience: Constructions of the Public in Animal Research Policy and Practice.Ashley Davies & Pru Hobson-West - 2018 - Science, Technology, and Human Values 43 (4):671-693.
    The use of nonhuman animals as models in research and drug testing is a key route through which contemporary scientific knowledge is certified. Given ethical concerns, regulation of animal research promotes the use of less “sentient” animals. This paper draws on a documentary analysis of legal documents and qualitative interviews with Named Veterinary Surgeons and others at a commercial laboratory in the UK. Its key claim is that the concept of animal sentience is entangled with a particular imaginary of how (...)
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    Science, Culture, and Care in Laboratory Animal Research: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the History and Future of the 3Rs.Robert G. W. Kirk, Pru Hobson-West, Beth Greenhough & Gail Davies - 2018 - Science, Technology, and Human Values 43 (4):603-621.
    The principles of the 3Rs—replacement, refinement, and reduction—strongly shape discussion of methods for performing more humane animal research and the regulation of this contested area of technoscience. This special issue looks back to the origins of the 3Rs principles through five papers that explore how it is enacted and challenged in practice and that develop critical considerations about its future. Three themes connect the papers in this special issue. These are the multiplicity of roles enacted by those who use and (...)
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    Animal Research Nexus: A New Approach to the Connections Between Science, Health and Animal Welfare.Gail Davies, Richard Gorman, Beth Greenhough, Pru Hobson-West, Robert G. W. Kirk, Reuben Message, Dmitriy Myelnikov, Alexandra Palmer, Emma Roe, Vanessa Ashall, Bentley Crudgington, Renelle McGlacken, Sara Peres & Tess Skidmore - 2020 - Medical Humanities 46 (4):499-511.
    Animals used in biological research and testing have become integrated into the trajectories of modern biomedicine, generating increased expectations for and connections between human and animal health. Animal research also remains controversial and its acceptability is contingent on a complex network of relations and assurances across science and society, which are both formally constituted through law and informal or assumed. In this paper, we propose these entanglements can be studied through an approach that understands animal research as a nexus spanning (...)
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    Saturday Night. 11pm.Pru Hobson-West - 2015 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 58 (1):29-29.
    Saturday night. 11pm. “Bingo,” he mumbles tiredly. The webpage glows blue in the nursery gloom. “Is it green like pesto or yellow like mustard?” he asks. “Erm, kind of a mixture,” she replies. “Normal!” he announces, triumphant. Then smiles. “Shall I close down Baby Poo: A Photo Gallery?” “We used to go clubbing,” she..
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